Monday May 20th, 2024
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Moscow and EL Waili Release Long Awaited 'Dawly' Single

The track has been played in events, clubs, and restaurants all over the country, but the duo still found a way to rejuvenate the single and revive its hype.

Ahmed Khalaf

Moscow and EL Waili Release Long Awaited 'Dawly' Single

Probably the most listened to leaked track in recent times, EL Waili and Moscow finally released their long awaited ‘Dawly’ single with a brilliant music video to accompany it. We don’t know how or why the track was leaked to begin with, but the musician duo decided to switch things up slightly between the final released draft and the leaked one. The video racked up more than a million views in under 5 days, and is currently trending number three on Youtube’s music charts.

Moscow and EL Waili have been frequently collaborating in recent times, and the result is always a banger. EL Waili offers his signature psychedelic production, utilizing a toy-sounding synthesizer with a sinister bass line and his typical drum arrangement, giving him his own personalized groove. Moscow flaunts his position within the rap scene, using the football terms of winning the “league, cup, and super” as a metaphor of dominating the scene and being international, which is the literal translation to ‘Dawly’.

The music video is visually striking, making the use of dark blue gradients to set the tone of the entire work. Moscow is seen wearing the clothes of what looks like an emperor while EL Waili is wearing clothes similar to a reaper. Both artists look sinister and intimidating, fitting well with the theme of the song and vision of the visual work.