Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Muqata’a and Dakn Hail Palestinian Resilience in ‘Fi Mi’ad’

Hip-hop’s founding philosophy of resilience echoes reverberates in the Palestinian duo’s track.

Scene Noise

During a turbulent moment for Palestine, the power of resistance art has emerged in many forms, namely rap. The genre was originally birthed as a resilient expression against anti-black racism in the US, and its founding philosophy still echoes in Palestinian rappers’ lyrical struggles against the occupation.

Dakn and Muqata’a are a multi-talented rap duo who also produce and DJ. Confronting the current events, their new track ‘Fi Mi’ad’ is a testament to the endurance of the Palestinian people. With a video showing fearless women facing security forces and youth protecting their elderly, it celebrates the rallies of Palestinian resistance and shows the undefeated spirit and hope they continue to exhibit.

Produced by Dakn, the beat is a basic drill snare pattern with two-step hi-hats, tight kicks, and a gliding synth bass to top it all off.