Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Mysterious Moroccan Snor Releases New R&B-Trap Fusion Track 'Lights'

While the rapper's latest release sees him divert from his usual sound, 'Lights' still retains that undeniable Snor signature.

Ahmed Khalaf

Melancholic and mysterious by nature, Moroccan rapper, Snor, has taken on a different sound for his latest release, 'Lights', finding or mellow wave to ride - and over 500K views on YouTube in just two days tells you all you need to know.

Produced by HUSS and Kartman, the duo provide a melancholic, psyched-out instrumental for Snor to lay out slightly reverberated vocals that fits perfectly in the vibe of the sonic ensemble. With some kind of sweet-spot fusion between R&B and trap, the FX and glitch-filled beat paints the track as a sort of celestial adventure, thanks to the widely-panned, galactic pads with the soft 808 filling the body of the beat. It offers a different side to Snor’s musicality, but that aforementioned melancholy and mystery is very much evident in the dark music video. Black and blue is the colour theme of what is an unfussy but effective video, especially when showing Snor play the role of some sort of cult leader - an idea that is only escalated by the use of eyes as iconography.  Ultimately, despite the departure, there's something intrinsically Snor about the whole thing - and that's what makes him one of the most interesting rappers in the region.