Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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NEOM & MDLBEAST Unveils Red Sea ‘Sindalah Beach Club’ Experience

The powerhouse partnership promises beach-side living on another level.

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NEOM & MDLBEAST Unveils Red Sea ‘Sindalah Beach Club’ Experience

Saudi Arabia’s giga-project NEOM has teamed up with the Kingdom’s entertainment giant MDLBEAST to create a dynamic take on an ultra-modern beach club, right on the Red Sea’s resplendent Sindalah Island. On the back of its consistently successful party concepts, as well as region-topping homegrown festivals, MDLBEAST is soon to host a more intimate, but no less distinctive, event, with mesmerising concerts running year-round at the new Sindalah Beach Club.

“MDLBEAST will reimagine the typical beach club experience, leveraging the value of Sindalah as an iconic luxury destination,” Antoni Vives, Chief Urban Planning and Islands Officer at NEOM, tells SceneNowSaudi. World-famous musicians, artists and DJs will elevate the whole affair beyond the simple speakers-by-the-sea approach of many beach clubs; cutting-edge audio equipment and visual installations will see a section of Sindalah Island utterly transformed.

"Joining forces with NEOM and Sindalah Island marks a pivotal moment in redefining the beach club experience,” says Ramadan Alharatani, CEO of MDLBEAST. “Our collaboration embodies the essence of MDLBEAST, breathing new life into this iconic destination.”

Sindalah is set to be the first of NEOM’s many assets to welcome guests, opening its doors later this year. With MDLBEAST’s assured musical expertise, complemented by pristine shores and poolside lounging, visitors will take a full-body plunge into an upgraded beach club adventure.