Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Nadine El Roubi is Bolder Than Ever in Hyped-Up Anthem ‘New Era’

The beloved US-based Sudanese rapper returns with her most energetic track to date.

Zaid Kreshan

Nadine El Roubi is Bolder Than Ever in Hyped-Up Anthem ‘New Era’

Following up her 2022 EP 'Triplicity', which explored a jazz and neo-soul inspired sonic palette, Boston-based Sudanese rapper Nadine El Roubi switches up her sound, opting for a trap-inspired anthemic banger with her latest release ‘New Era’.

Nadine El Roubi’s confrontational lyrical style has set her apart as an important figure in the regional rap community while also grabbing the attention of key players in the international music industry. Just last year, in 2022, Nadine received a shout-out from American singer SZA, who featured her work on social media.

In ‘New Era’, Nadine embraces her confidence and focus, showing that she has her eyes on the prize and has no time for distractions. The colourful instrumental maintains a danceable quality throughout, while Nadine brings it to life with her willful lyricism, energetic ad-libs, and sheer attitude.

The track, produced by BlackSurfer & Cold Spring Motel, features some tried-and-true trap elements, such as rich 808s and metallic percussions, while adding a twist with the chant-like vocals that drive the track forward.

Roubi raps about stepping into a new era, where she is fully set on actualising her potential and success. The release also carries a tongue-in-cheek quality, with Roubi’s lighthearted references to her Arabic roots, as with the line, “And when you speak on me, put some mashAllah on it”.