Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Nayomi Has No Time for Drama in New R&B Track 'Always (Gigi's Song)'

The Iraqi-Syrian rapper is smooth and poised a new track and video that sees her lean more and more into Arabic lyrics.

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Nayomi Has No Time for Drama in New R&B Track 'Always (Gigi's Song)'

When Sweden-based Iraqi-Syrian rapper, Nayomi, first landed on radars in May, 2020, it was through a couple of viral freestyle videos that saw her jump between English and Arabic effortlessly, showing a confident and seamless multilingual flow that few much more established artists can manage most of the time.

Less than a year on, Nayomi continues to walk that tricky tightrope, though her latest release, 'Always (Gigi's Song) sees go full-on with her native tongue, and the result is a smooth R&B track that finds a dash of influence in the skittish stylings of UK garage.In the track, Nayomi addresses a difficult relationship, the video showing her revelling in the company of her gal pals, while also dealing with the drama of said relationship. It's a simple video, but one that puts Nahomi front-and-centre as she continues to build a stong and eclectic body of work.