Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Noubi's Open Beta: An Ethereal Ride Into Minimal-Experimentation

Noubi experiments progressive house with minimalist and trance elements in his sophomore single ‘Open Beta’.

Ahmed Khalaf

Noubi's Open Beta: An Ethereal Ride Into Minimal-Experimentation

One of Egypt’s more underrated DJs, Noubi has been constantly proving his talent and fine selection whenever he gets a chance. Noubi made his debut at Cairo’s The Tap back in 2017, and since then has been found spinning all around the city with a mix of melodic techno, afro and progressive house (even though he’s more of a trance enthusiast). While his debut track ‘Imagine Out Here’ holds a melodic tone to it, his sophomore release ‘Open Beta’ takes on a progressive outlook with a hint of minimal house to it.

The track kicks off with a heavily-panned acid synth before the introduction of the muddy percussion which gradually shows its tonality till it reaches the initial drop with most of the elements being added to the mix as well. Noubi makes the use of a reverberated pad acting as a counter-melody with the nasal bass in use. The track keeps on progressive as the melody’s cutoff and frequency automate till it reaches a fine climax by the third minute, adding an additional progression to spice things up.