Friday December 8th, 2023
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PREMIERE: Molotof - Omara (Rakete)

SceneNoise proudly presents the premiere of Molotof’s ‘Omara’, a track from his upcoming leftfield techno album ‘Gabal Ahmar’ courtesy of Egyptian label Rakete.

Ahmed Khalaf

Ever since its birth with ‘Cairo Quest’, Rakete has been constantly releasing sublime projects which shifts away from the norms of electronic music, opting for individualistic and original sounds and releases, which was founded by veteran DJ and producer Baher. The label's goal is to provide local talents with the means to properly release and market their projects, so every release gets the attention they deserve. After a year in hiatus, Rakete returns with another masterpiece of an album, this time with Egyptian super-producer Molotof’s ‘Gabal Ahmar’.

‘Omara’ gives a sense of what to expect from Molotof’s techno album, demonstrating his production prowess and the range of his beatmaking catalog. Since his early days under the moniker of ‘Hadayek 303’, the producer has expressed his originality through his work, creating the unprecedented fusion of mahraganat with acid and electronic influences. Besides his widely known hip hop and trap productions, Molotof has also ventured into techno and experimental sonics, which he dropped on his YouTube page. Now he has finally opted to release a techno album that, frankly, has been a long time coming.

‘Omara’ takes us inside the mind of Molotof, providing everything the producer prefers and presents in his productions. In a previous sit down, Molotof told SceneNoise that the most important factors in his work are the heavy-hitting kicks and infectious basslines, and that’s evident in ‘Omara’. He also makes the use of his signature ‘Molowave’ synths that keep on progressing as the track goes along, telling a sonic story.

'Gabal Ahmar' is out on the 24th of October on Rakete's Bandcamp page. 

Music written & mixed by Molotof

Additional Instruments by Kamel

Artwork by Youssef Marzouk

Mastering by Marco Pellegrino

Photography by Tarek Effat

Words by Fady Nageeb