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Palestine’s Muqata’a Featured on New Album by NYC Artist Hiro Kone

Two fearless, unbridled experimentalists from very different parts of the world come together to create a soundscape that journeys through ambient, techno and some Middle Eastern spice.

While largely enjoying an enigmatic existence, Palestinian producer, Muqata’a, is a man that never disappoints, his experimental approach to his musical craft standing amongst the mosq unique and distinct in the region.

February 2021’s Kamil Manqus saw the producer explore a darker, more avant garde corner of hip-hop across eight tracks, each offering a unique take on everything from trap to dancehall, all painted in visceral, occult colours. Released on Italian label, Hundebiss Records, his fifth studio album certainly turned heads - as far away as New York, where experimental techno and electronic artist, Nicky Mao - better know under her alias, Hiro Kone - has recruited the the Ramallah-based artist for her latest release, the eight-track Silvercoat the Throng.

Not only that, but Muqata’a is featured in the album’s title track, which speaks of his growing reputation around the world. In it, the two collaborators find a middle ground between their styles. In keeping with the album’s liminal palette, the track begins in an ascendant, ambient nebula of sound, coloured by the unmistakable rattle of percussive Arab signature, before settling even further into its spacey abyss. It then flows into a second half defined by skittish, chopped techno beats, a jarring, dramatic crescendo that brings things into a dark, distant and electric future.

Much like the rest of the album, it’s an immersive piece of experimentation, one that Muqata’a more than holds his own in, alongside an artist of equal musical richness.

Photo credit: Raouf Haj Yihya