Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Palestine’s Nour Releases New EP Fauda on German Label Get Physical

The Mexico-based DJ’s latest release includes a remix by the label’s co-founder, DJ T.

Ahmed Khalaf

An experimenter of various sounds and cultures, Palestinian born Mexican-based DJ and producer, Nour, has dropped a new on Berlin label Get Physicial.

Fauda goes deep mixed with Oriental in a very upbeat demeanor, consisting of two tracks with a title track produced by Nour and a remix of the latter by Get Physical co-founder DJ T. It  kicks off with a thumping four-on-the-floor kick pattern with elements layering up every four to eight bars. With a stringed melody entering the chat in the breakdown, the track takes an oriental twist which keeps on building tension till the drop with its hypnotic lead and jagged bassline that keeps on switching back and forth between each other.

DJ T then decides to take things even more oriental, thus turning the track to a downtempo/organic type of atmosphere. Changing the rhythm and bounce of the percussion, playing a different melody with a similar sounding lead that creates this Arabian electronic spectacle.