Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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Palestine's Zeyne Breaks Hearts in New Single 'Balak' ft. Saint Levant

‘Balak’ brings together two of the finest rising artists from the region in a tale of long-distant love and anguish.

Ahmed Khalaf

Palestine's Zeyne Breaks Hearts in New Single 'Balak' ft. Saint Levant

Two rising stars-in-the-making meet together to offer the hit of the summer in ‘Balak’ with Jordanian-Palestinian enchantress Zeyne and Palestinian-French-Algerian hearthrob Saint Levant. Marking Zeyne’s second release in 2022 following ‘Atoul’, Zeyne embarks on the obscurity of long-distance relationships as she pines for her lover and longs to close the distance.

While the lyrics resonate with relatable sorrow, the instrumentals give off  a throbbing energy, with a pulsating percussion-programming, an instant hip-shaker along the sensual pads, matching Zeyne’s poignant vocals, which was produced, arranged, and co-written by Nasir Albashir. Contemplating what was lost and what is far, Zeyne’s attachment to her lover is evident in scenes with her friends as she seems perplexed amidst the “fun outing” as she clamors, “Do you miss me like I do?”

Saint Levant’s smooth English to Arabic raps complements Zeyne’s sultry vocals and Arabic lyricism, offering his buttery flow and deep delivery on ‘Balak’. This project also marks a huge fashion collaboration from around the region with Saudi-based Hindammed supplying their signature bomber jackets, Egypt-bassed Play Nice Accessories providing the ornaments for the singers and supporting actors, Jordan-based brand Xia offering Zeyne’s party and bedroom looks with corsets, and UAE-based Dukan Avantique showcasing their stylish scarves and oversized shirts.

Though this track holds a melancholy message at its core, this summer banger could fill a room with energy through its smooth contrast of Zeyne’s singing and Levant’s rapping. Catch the burgeoning duo’s ‘Balak’ below.