Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Palestinian DJ DJam1l makes slick TikTok mashups of your favorite hits

A musical cocktail of Arabic classics with international hits.

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Palestinian DJ DJam1l makes slick TikTok mashups of your favorite hits

You might not have heard of DJam1l, today is the day to change that. Jamil Nafar, the mastermind behind the project is both a DJ and producer, his most recent spout of TikTok hits started a mere four weeks ago, and now already has 10k followers and people booking him across the globe.

The idea of doing mashups isn’t a new thing for DJam1l, he’s been making them for a long time. But his current TikTok popularity wave is really gathering traction. Playful mashups of some of our favorite Arabic classics cocktailed with international hits. Take his mashup of Bob Sinclair’s ‘Everybody Dance Now’ and ‘Ana Wala Aaref’ for example. It takes a very special tallant, with smooth execution of course. Or how about his crunchy 2-part mashup of ‘Arkab ElHantour’ with ‘Drop it Like It’s Hot’? There’s no escaping the fact that DJam1l is very creative.

Jamil’s philosophy seems to go something like ‘2 catchy hooks are better than 1’, a logic that we agree with. Check his TikTok profile right now for some mashups that will totally sweep you off your feet.

@djam1l ريمكس Mashup انا ولا عارف انا مالي Everbody Dance Now تامر حسني Bob sinclar #موسيقى_جديدة #NewMusic #mashup #arabremix #تامر_حسني ♬ original sound - Djamil

@djam1l Replying to @Nasser Al-Rayess Part 2 ريمكس Mashup اركب الحنطور Drop It Like It’s Hot سعد الصغير Snoop Dogg Out now on youtube Link in my bio #موسيقى_جديدة #NewMusic #mashup #arabremix ♬ original sound - Djamil

@djam1l ‏حبيبتي افتحي شباكك انا جيت X candy shop حسن شاكوش 50 cent #موسيقى_جديدة #NewMusic #mashup #arabremix ♬ original sound - Djamil

@djam1l ريمكس Mashup حبيبي يا نور العين Yeah Yeah عمرو دياب Usher #موسيقى_جديدة #NewMusic #mashup #arabremix #عمرو_دياب #usher ♬ original sound - Djamil

@djam1l ريمكس Mashup اللي بتقصر تنوره Maria Maria فارس كرم Santana #موسيقى_جديدة #NewMusic #mashup #arabremix #فارس_كرم #maria ♬ original sound - Djamil