Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Palestinian Producer 00970 Releases Complete ‘Khatam Sulaiman’ EP

Featuring five different artists, the new EP showcases the reinventive possibilities stemming from one sound.

Ahmed Khalaf

After a ‘soft release’ in June on Palestinian independent label Mediteranos (MEDS), Palestinian producer Ali Taqi, who performs under the pseudonym 00970, has released the complete version of his Khatam Sulaiman EP, a mix showcasing a handful of unorthodox producers remixing his original track with their distinct edges.

After teasing in the early release with the original song and Kashmiri poet Smoked Poets’ remix, the duo are joined by Palestinian producer NRD, Paris-based DJ/producer and Radio Flouka founder, D3m0r, and Amsterdam-based Australian producer Max Abysmal.

Replicating the same abrasive approach of 00970, Max Abysmal’s remix arranges the percussion in a steadier manner alongside glitched vocal chops and a fresh lead synth.

NRD, meanwhile, goes for something more cataclysmic, or at least in the first half of his remix, before the stern synths fade away to the sound of a drone being panned left to right as the percussion slowly eases in. The track’s reinvented form suddenly appears as a four-on-the-floor kick pattern is introduced beside the drone, creating a hypnotic aura.

Finally, footwork and jungle aficionado D3m0r creates a club-ready version of the track, with breakbeat percussion and a less busy body to energise the groove, maintaining the original work’s breakdown. Five tracks, five producers, and five distinct outcomes and styles showcasing their own touches and personalities, the EP goes far in stretching out the reinventive possibilities of one track.

Mediteranos Records, founded by audio visual explorer Shams, experimental drone and noise heavy project Errorist, and co-founder Yam, aims to develop their own sound and edge, exploring unknown sides of electronic music through eclecticism and soundscapes, in search of aesthetically pleasing visuals fitting with the musical direction of each individual project,