Thursday June 1st, 2023
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Palestinian Singer Ghalia Debuts with Jordan’s Idreesi in ‘Analaw’

With little to no drums, it's a song that emphasises a mellifluous beat and soothing vocals.

Scene Noise

In a sea of new music releases, it’s not easy to find a formula that helps you stand out. But a collaboration with another name never hurt anybody, giving artists a feature boost.

Palestinian singer and pianist, Ghalia, had her musical prowess recognised by Jordanian artist Idreesi, and the pair collaborated to fuse a shattering production with a smooth verse in the new song ‘Analaw’.The duo indulges in the question of ‘what if/if I’ - the title’s translation - what if one sees a loved one for the last time? Both Ghalia and Idreesi express a sense of regret towards relations with former friends and partners, offering a dulcet beat that matches Ghalia’s vocals and lyrical direction.

Using mellow bells and floaty pads over a sweet-sounding bassline, the project is an ambient sound with little-to-no percussion that emphasises the mellifluous beat and soothing vocals.