Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Pink SeaSalt’s ‘Tremolo’ Is An Ode To 60s Psychedelic Rock

Egypt’s very own soft-rock rising star is back.

Ahmed Khalaf

Pink SeaSalt’s ‘Tremolo’ Is An Ode To 60s Psychedelic Rock

Pink Seasalt is an artist and a singer bringing back the fuzzy and psychedelic sounds of the 60s with a modern take. The young Egyptian doesn’t shy away from fully expressing himself and making use of his talent to convey his feelings through music. After a successful release of his debut single ‘Out of Luck’ a little over a month ago, Pink Seasalt returns with another neo-psychedelic experience in his latest single ‘Tremolo’.

While his previous releases boast a more alternative direction, ‘Tremolo’ is a psychedelic rock track to its very core. As the name implies, the heavy use of tremolo on the guitar defines this track's direction, the perfect set up to the 60’s sound the artist is aiming to emulate. Lyrically, Pink Seasalt describes the freedom that comes when night falls and the serenity it invokes: “The stars are falling and the night is calling.”

His writing is dreamy, poetic, obscure: “The clouds are mourning and the trains are rolling.” The interesting thing about Pink Seasalt is how open to interpretation his writing often is. Here, he may be describing the tears we shed during hardships as time flies, and how we often miss the opportunity to savour fleeting moments as they come.

Listen to the full track below.