Thursday September 28th, 2023
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Pop Art Inspires Colourful New Video for Bab L’ Bluz’s ‘El Gamra’

The Moroccan-French quartet are embracing their heritage while reviving the North African blues.

Scene Noise

Reviving the blues in the North African music scene, the emerging Moroccan-French power quartet Bab L’Bluz is making quite a noise in the region. Fronted by songstress Yousra Mansour, the group takes its cues from local heritage, occasionally gracing ears with the vernacular Arabic dialect of Darija.

Bab L’ Bluz recently released a music video to set a visual scene for the upbeat track ‘El Gamra’, which was originally released last year along with their debut album Nayda.In the collective voice of the quartet, the Darija-tongued song “praises the Moon and her restorative power, inviting all to party under the night sky charged by trancing guembri and rocking chaabi, by ecstatic harmonies and handclaps that come fast then faster still.”

While staying true to the colourful and psychedelic mood of the group, the music video also offers a retro pop art performance by Bab L’ Bluz, providing a captivating view to complement the track's joyfulness.