Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Producer and DJ Mike Pham Releases EP ‘Spotlight Orange’

The Egyptian House musician delivers a vibrant but also mellow project on his second ever release.

Konrad Worning Eilenberger

The Cairo based DJ and Producer released his latest project late last week in celebration of his birthday month of March. ‘Spotlight Orange’ is Pham´s first EP and second release since his 2021 single ‘Audrey Hamama’, which saw the DJ-turned-producer getting into light summer vibes with this solid house track.

On this new project, however, things are sounding a bit different. Mike Pham kicks off the EP with the album titled house track ‘Spotlight Orange’. On this track we see the DJ and producer look towards classic house elements especially on the percussive side of things with 4 in the floor kicks and claps on two and four. Midway through, Pham also introduces a familiar sounding house-ish synth layer, while still balancing these classic elements with more dreamy atmospheric arp’s. The end result may not have ended in a classic house pool-party hit, but perhaps it certainly translated into embodying a more thoughtful, mature vibe.

On the second track ‘Rampi’, Pham turns a bit more mellow with blue guitar chords, dreary arps and atmospheric pads. The drum pattern is also slow paced with soft hits and minimal use of percs.

On the EP’s last track ‘Dave Chapelle’, Mike Pham returns to more classic drum machine sounds and patterns, underlined by 90´s synthesized acoustic bass. About midway through, the track reaches a crescendo, when the vocal sample of Dave Chapelle utters: “Sometimes you have to be a lion so you can be the lamb you really are”, whereafter the track drops and returns to its the percussion and bass dominated core with quick delayed synths.

Listen to Mike Pham´s EP ‘Spotlight Orange’ via Anghami below.