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R&B, Soul & Jazz Get Lo-Fi Lick in New Yosr Single ‘Having Fun’

The London-based Egyptian artist once again showcases an effortless versatility without ever losing the spirit of her work.

The last we heard Yosr on the pages of SceneNoise, words such as ethereal, dreamy and hypnotic were used as an attempt to boil down the intangible qualities of ‘Kalam’ as a track and as a video.

For her latest musical tapestry, however, the London-based Egyptian singer-songwriter has wandered back into the world of R&B, building on the work of her December, 2020-released EP, London Archives.

Produced by Cairo-based beatmaker, Rageh, ‘Having Fun’ finds some kind of middle ground between R&B, soul and what can only be described as bedroom jazz (has anyone thought to put those two words together before?).There’s a lo-fi quality to the track, a signature of Rageh as a producer, but what makes this a solid entry to Yosr’s growing library of work is that it still retains a kind of ethereality, a soulfulness that has always sat at the core of the singer’s work, regardless of what genre labels it carries. 

And so while tracks like ‘Kalam’ speak to a certain aspect of Yosr’s musicality, it’s tracks like ‘Having Fun’ that truly show the measure of her versatility and adaptability as an artist. In short, more R&B with twists and turns from Yosr is more than welcome.