Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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RAP OF THE WEEK | JAN 20 - 26 2023

Rap of the Week is a roundup of our selection of the best bars and beats released each week from the MENA region.

Scene Noise

This week’s Rap of the Week goes beyond just trap and drill, offering a range of hip-hop, including saüd ‘Don’t Stop Believing in Me’, Raja Mezaine’s ‘Foug30’ (prod. by Detox), a collaboration between Rafiek & Karim Enzo in ‘Fe 3eenaki’, R3 with ’Shaf Ra’, and TooDope’s ‘Apocalypto’. It also features collaborations by Flipperachi & Alaa Al Hendi in ‘Nayda’, Buds & Di-Meh with ‘Salle Du Temps’, and yet another banger by Abyusif in ‘OPPS’.