Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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Rap of The Week | Jan 12 - 18

In this Rap of the Week playlist, we feature tracks by rising stars in the regional rap scene featuring Ziad Zaza, Arsenik and Lmehdi.

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Rap of The Week | Jan 12 - 18

In this edition of Rap of the Week we see rising stars like Ziad Zaza and Arsenik take over the playlist, alongside Palestinian rapper Sakt. We also see big representations of the North African rap scene from Morocco and Tunisia exemplified in Lmehdi and Jbiina. 

Ziad Zaza returns with a new single in a sentimental performance in ‘SKHNT’, produced by Ismail Nosrat. The young rapper embraces an emotional approach, diverging from his usual harsh and aggressive style to craft a more contemplative track where he reintroduces his distinct vocal-riffing style.

In ‘Sana’ by Walgz, the rapper delivers introspective bars in a laid back flow over a melancholic trap beat produced by B-Element. The Sudanese rapper has been growing rapidly in the Sudanese rap scene for his distinct flow, singing style and collaborations with some of the scene’s biggest names.

We also witness Palestinan rapper Sakt who dropped his latest track ‘KMWYT’ through Lean4rec records, a heavy, psychedelic trap banger.



ٍSakt - KMWYT

Arsenik - Lang

Walgz - Sana

Jbiina x Tchubi - vousdeux.

Lmehdi - 3ALAM


MAR1 ft Queen G & Klash - Oss

Soulphonic - Wa7ed Tany ft. @Lege_Cy 

MOSALEM - mesh 3aref a3mel eh

Ach - 90%