Sunday October 1st, 2023
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Rap of The Week | June 01 - 08

On this edition of Rap of the Week, we bring you tracks from Votex, Xander Ghost, Mr. Kordy, Migo, Mared, and more of your favorite MENA rap stars.

Scene Noise

This time on ‘Rap of The Week’, SceneNoise brings you a diverse mix of rap tracks, including artists from all around the region such as Vortex’s latest release ‘Shoota’, Nadine El Roubi’s ‘Culture’ (available on bandcamp), and Illiam’s ‘Fifa’.

We also saw the return of CCG’s Kordy collaborating with Egyptian producer Ramez Naguib, the release of Xander Ghost’s latest EP ‘Fayadan’, in which he explores electronic textures and ideas in the framework of contemporary trap, while Ziad Zaza went on to expand his list of recent collaborations, as he teamed up with Wezza Montaser on ‘As7a Ll 7ekayat’.


  • Vortex - Shoota
  • Xander Ghost - Belize
  • Mared - Khalawees
  • Wezza Montaser - As7a Ll 7ekayat (Ft. Ziad Zaza)
  • Mr.kordy X Ramez Naguib - Ana Raye2
  • Migo - Negm
  • Stou - Urus
  • Nadine El Roubi - Culture
  • Illiam - Fifa
  • Moudy - Piano
  • Hype - Wadeeha Wadeeha

Listen to the full playlist here: