Friday April 12th, 2024
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Rap of the Week | Feb 17 - 23

Rap of the Week is a roundup of our selection of the best bars and beats released each week from the MENA region.

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Rap of the Week | Feb 17 - 23

This week’s list is loaded with gems from some of hip-hop’s freshest voices be it Sagy with ‘Gebt A5ry’, or Rap Share3’s collaborations with RVWVN in ‘Khabt’ and Hala with ‘Wesheen’. You’ll also find some OG voices we haven’t heard from in some time, including Narcy with ‘Meta World Peace’ and Shahyn’s ‘Mesabek’.

  1. Sagy - Gebt A5ry RVWVN, Rap Share3 - Khabt Narcy - Meta World Peace (ft. Al-Bara'em) PERRIE - CHAPTER 1: SEBOOH  Defame - Matebkich (feat OGenius) Shahyn - Mesabek Abo El Anwar, Abyusif, AhmedSanta, Desso, LilBaba - Wo Wo ROSSIA - ZARGENA Rozzma - Ashrar Alfetar Blvbx - Hal Yajooz

Listen to the full playlist here: