Friday June 9th, 2023
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Rap of the Week | Mar 24 - 30

Rap of the Week is a roundup of our selection of the best bars and beats released each week from the MENA region.

Scene Noise

This week’s playlist kicks off with a release by OG Palestinian producer, Muqata’a with Mikhtfee, followed by ‘Bs Ana Fanan’ with Ycene and El Waili, and later a ‘The Description’ by Sammy Shiblaq. There’s also ‘AI’ a wicked track we missed last week by Kuwaiti rapper, Queen G, followed by another hit from Mousv with Mohaiimen in ‘Freestyle 1’, and much more.

  • Muqata'a, Mikhtfee - Mikhtfee
  • Yscene, El Waili - Bs Ana Fanan
  • Sammy Shiblaq - The Description
  • Mousv, Mohaiimen - FREESTYLE 1
  • Queen G - AI
  • Icoweh, Kibou, Islem-23 - Bara'kick
  • Diib - Unequal
  • El Ärkitekt -Bas7a
  • Medusa TN - Size Me
  • Nuj, Elos Byuri - Betnuj
  • Omar Escobar - Sabry
  • Sa£m, Olie - 21
  • Naffar - Many Men

Listen to the playlist here: