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Rapper Neemz Finds Her Pop(ish) Voice in New Track ‘Awake’

Thee single marks a year in the music game for the Boston-based Sudanese artist.

Boston-based Sudanese artist Neemz just dropped her newest single, ‘Awake’, in which she talks of achieving personal peace and self-healing through the simple acts of confronting your doubts head-on and being attuned to your emotions.

The pop-ish song greets listeners with plucky strings and echoing synthesisers, a pleasant play on something which reminds you of The Weeknd’s ‘After Hours’, but with less autotune.

Neemz’s fourth single comes on her 25th birthday and marks a year for the musician in the industry. Having dabbled in realms of rap to pop, the new release indicates Neemz is finding her voice and getting closer to really knowing her sound. It also reassures listeners, ahead of her debut EP, that she is no one-trick-pony, but can showcase diverse musical talents.

The Sudanese artist represents an important facet for her generation. She not only seeks to spread positivity through inspirational affirmations, but maintains her personal religious faith, while simultaneously challenging the restrictions imposed upon being a Muslim woman through the music she creates and the image she represents.