Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Rapper Uzu Continues Hot Streak with Surprise New Single ‘Cayrolin’

The up-and-coming Egyptian has dropped his third and latest track out of the blue, one that demonstrates his versatility and unique ear for unconventional production.

Ahmed Khalaf

In a sea of consistent releases and artists emerging, a new contender has emerged from the Egyptian rap scene, one boasting unique productions and vocal skills. After a brace of releases, Uzu’s third has seemingly come out of the blue and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. 

This track sees the rapper reflect on the changes occurring in his life as he moves onwards and upwards in the rap game, while a gas pedal metaphor touches on the very many internalised thoughts that come with potential fame and success. Uzu has a certain taste for peculiar beats, always adding a twist to flavour - and ‘Cayrolin’ follows suit.

A warm acoustic guitar perfectly compliments the mellow-thumping kick and frantic hi-hat rolls. The track represents Uzu to the fullest and his M.O of being in control from A-to-Z, producing, mixing and mastering it - and at this stage of the ever-evolving Egyptian rap scene, versatility and perspective are key.