Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Red Bull Kicks Off New Video Series '64 Bars' With Raptor and Wezza

Another brilliant video-series from Red Bull Egypt, bringing rappers and producers working together for the first time to create a single over ‘64 Bars’.

Ahmed Khalaf

As rap continues to dominate the music charts in Egypt, nearly all media and advertisement outlets have shifted their focus to be more hip hop-based. An organization who’s been brilliantly coming up with contemporary concepts which further enhances the local rap scene would be Red Bull, who’s latest ‘64 Bars’ series brings together a rapper and a producer who’s never actually worked together before, to collaborate in making a song over 64 bars.

In music, four counts of a beat makes a bar, (the 1 2 3 4), and with 64 bars, you can pretty much say and portray anything. For the first episode, Red Bull invited rapper Hesham Raptor with rapper/producer Wezza Montaser to create a banger together, which they executed perfectly in 'Msh Sayeb'. Wezza produced a sinister trap beat which transitions midway to a drill instrumental, all while Raptor’s composed mannerism and flexible rhymes impeccably coincides with the beat and all its transitions.

Red Bull are just warming up ‘64 Bars’ with the likes of Molotof, Ismael Nosrat, Mousv, Moscow, and much more to follow in the upcoming episodes.

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