Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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Releases of the Month - January

SceneNoise and XP Future Music release radar for this month features Dina El Wedidi, Elyanna and Lella Fadda among others.

Scene Noise

Releases of the Month - January

Releases of the Month is a collaboration between SceneNoise and XP Music Futures that brings you a playlist of the month’s most noteworthy and not-to-miss tracks.

In a preview of her upcoming album ‘Benna’, Dina El Wedidi teases her new sound with her latest single ‘Bandahlak’. The renowned indie artist takes ownership of the production on the track where she fuses Bedouin and African rhythms with electronic music, while also maintaining her authentic musical identity through her distinct vocal style and rhythmic pronunciation.

We also see Palestinian-Chilean artist Elyanna embracing her musical heritage with a captivating new single, paying homage to the late Sabah Fakhri and Cheikha Rimitti in ‘Al Sham’. The track features Elyanna singing in Arabic Fusha over heavy Dabke and Rai sonic elements.

Further along the playlist we see ‘Baby’ by Abyusif, released on his latest full length album ‘Nemshy Men Hena’. The beat introduces us to heavy industrial sounds and weighty sonics as Abyusif’s quirky wordplay and fast-paced delivery shine on top of it.

We also witness Lella Fadda in a complete transformation in her latest single ‘Fokak Meni’ on a beat produced by Abyusif. Lella hops on these heavy, industrial synth elements, sharing snippets of her daydreams and carefree thoughts with nonchalant charisma.


Dina El Wedidi - Bandahlak

Elyanna - AL SHAM

Abyusif - Baby

Lella Fadda - Fokak Meni

Koast - Wish List ft. 4lfa

Walgz - Sana

EMEL feat Nayomi - Lose My Mind

Leil - Kalimat