Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Rising Rapper Deka Comes Out Of Hiatus To Present ‘BEEP’

Deka tests out new waters with his long-anticipated release of 'BEEP'.

Ahmed Khalaf

Deka’s position within the rap scene is a slightly complicated one. The rapper has been performing across Cairo with a good following, but his released work has been scarce for some reason. After more than a year in hiatus, the young rapper makes his comeback with ‘BEEP’, a series of personal feuds portrayed from the eyes of Deka.

The rapper takes a different approach with this release than his older projects, portraying what to be expected from his upcoming work. While his antecedent track ‘Netla3 Fo2’ boasts a more funk/RnB approach, ‘BEEP’ takes on a trap self-production, which he also mixed and mastered himself.

Deka conveys his frustration with his surroundings, subtly expressing anger and disappointment with some personal feuds infesting his life. He reflects this dismay with ‘you’re blocking my way, not wanting me to pass, too focused on me, looks like you’re going to get it’.

For the instrumental, Deka keeps it simple with a sentimental trap beat, making the use of a sorrowful progression with the mellow-lead, incorporating a guitar-riff which gives off that extra 'depressive' feel. The single closes off with a burgeoning nasal-lead that brings things to a sweet culmination.

Deka is just getting warmed up with a reported 30+ tracks being released in the neaar future. Check out Deka's 'BEEP' below.