Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Sagy’s ‘Msh Mawdou3i’ Tackles Mental Health & Liberation

In a celebration of her resilience, Sagy drops ‘Msh Mawdou3i’.

Farah Ibrahim

Egyptian rapper Sagy just dropped her latest single, ‘Msh Mawdou3i’, featuring a collaboration with producer Mallakh. Throughout the track, the Cairo native talks all about social labels, body image, and mental health, throwing her voice into a much-needed conversation about wellness and resilience in the local rap scene while sending a message to doubters and haters to keep their opinions to themselves, sorry, not sorry.

“I wrote this song when I felt I was finally able to break free from the mental abuse I faced all my life,” Sagy tells #SceneNoise. “This is the song I wrote to celebrate finally liberating myself from the labels they used in order to lock me up. If you're still chained by the unpleasant ‘truths’ others projected on you, I tell you here, from the other side, their words and views only reflect their own reality not yours.”

Mallakh, who is responsible for the beat, managed to select an arsenal of sounds and effects almost perfectly complementing each other, whilst allowing Sagy’s voice to flourish. The track comes with an urban-inspired music video that echoes the same unapologetic aggression that’s prevalent throughout the song.