Friday December 1st, 2023
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Saint Levant Goes Dancehall in Latest ‘Tête à Tête / Eye to Eye’

The multicultural, multi talented artist is back with a new banger.

Ahmed Khalaf

Saint Levant is a multi-cultural artist, who’s origins and background defines his artistry and musical direction. Jersualem-born son of a French/Algerian mother and Palestinian/Serbian father, Saint Levant is back with another soothing single, incapsulating the feelings of loneliness in ‘Tête à Tête / Eye to Eye’. Known for his mellow direction, dulcet vocals, and heartfelt lyricism, Levant meshes nearly all his cultural origins in this single, rapping in English, Arabic, and French.

In this love song, Levant begins to express how he likes a small circle of people he trusts, an implication to the sad reality of how musicians are nearly always surrounded by fake ones and opportunists – he therefore prefers to keep his life private and comfortable. Doing so over a drill-inspired beat, he continues by talking about his loved one who’s about to visit him, with a promise of “nothing can come between them.”

Mid-way through, the instrumental transforms into a mellifluous afro-beat, an upbeat change to the rapid yet mellow direction of the first part. The second part seems like his lover has finally arrived, and now his eyes are on her, with doting love and appreciation: “Empty my bank account for you, I see the stars, they below you.”

Listen to the full track on Anghami below.