Saturday June 10th, 2023
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Samar Tarik and Mahib Sleat Race The Time In New Single ‘Makany’

In a sea of hip hop, electronic music, and pop, emerges a singer whose melancholic direction is putting her on the map for all the right reasons.

Ahmed Khalaf

Ever since the release of her hit ‘3tma’ with Egyptian producer EL Waili, enchanting Egyptian singer Samar Tarik has kept a relatively low profile, releasing almost one track following the collaboration. Now, Samar has finally returned with another somber single ‘Makany’ with talented music producer and multi-instrumentalist Mahib Sleat.

Released on Saudi Arabia’s Wall of Sound, ‘Makany’ sees Samar questioning her place in life, embarking on the unsettling emotions she faces when opening a new chapter. She keeps her lyrics simple and open for interpretation, a signature style in Samar’s songwriting direction. Sleat keeps it minimalistic in the first half of the song, making the use of a dulcet piano and violin, with a mini-trumpet solo acting as the bridge to the song. In the second half, the song sees the introduction of drums and a funk-inspired bass, making it a guaranteed head-bop with its disco/RnB-like bounce.
Listen to the song in link below