Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Saudi Hip-Hop Guru Big Hass Recruits Five Arab Rappers for ‘Khadsha’

It’s another collaborative extravaganza from the Dubai-based radio host and rap fanatic, one that stretches to Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and... Chicago.

Ahmed Khalaf

Saudi Hip-Hop Guru Big Hass Recruits Five Arab Rappers for ‘Khadsha’

Everyone has their reasons for working alone, whether it’s too much beef with other rappers or wanting to assert more control over their sound. Working alone as a rapper, though, can sometimes mean they’re missing out on new inspiration. One man refusing to stand for this fragmentation of the Arab scene is Saudi hip-hop guru Big Hass, who looks across the region and diaspora for collaborations.

In his latest release, ‘Khadsha’ - which takes on the form of cypher - Big Hass has brought together five artists, including Chicago-based Palestinian-Jordanian rapper, Shouly; Saudi rapper, Blvxb, Jordanian-Palestinian rapper, El Far3i; Lebanese MC, Edd Abbas; and Palestinian rapper, Maysa Daw, with music production courtesy of UAE producer Rayan. Each rapper got a videographer in their respective countries, with what looks like some kind of instructions to follow, gathered and then edited with additive VFX from Raed El-Murdish, for a visual extravagant in a very clever manner.

It certainly sounds like no easy task, but Big Hass proves he’s one to fuse together diverse sounds under one direction.