Saturday May 18th, 2024
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SceneNoise to Host Talk on Creating Sustainable Event Brands at XP

Wassim Bou Malham, Tito El Kachab, Shermine Sawalha, and Halim Ardie & Tatiana De La Torre will dive into MENA’s party scene.

Scene Noise

SceneNoise to Host Talk on Creating Sustainable Event Brands at XP

With clubbing hotspots like Dubai and Beirut pushing the way forward with world class events, trailblazing underground venues in cities such as Amman and Cairo, and Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning music scene which has already grown to unprecedented heights, party culture in the MENA region has become an essential part of the nightlife. But with a unique set of circumstances facing the region, creating brands and organizations that are sustainable in the long term is one of the biggest challenges facing venues today.

Be it through policies, economic fluctuations or effective publicity, organizers face more obstacles than meets the eye in attempting to cement a long-lasting place in the region’s club circuit. And while many ventures have emerged throughout the region only to have their runs cut short, some brands and venues, run by key players in the industry, have withstood the test of time to earn both regional and international recognition, and putting the MENA club scene on the map.

Join SceneNoise at this year’s edition of XP Music Futures, where we will be hosting a panel discussion with Wassim Bou Malham [Factory People], Tito El Kachab [Nacelle], Shermine Sawalha [CTRLLab], and Halim Ardie & Tatiana De La Torre [Club Conscious] on creating sustainable brands and venues within the region, and dive into the issues that arise when trying to carve out a space in MENA’s music industry.

The panel will be taking place on the second day of XP Music Futures, and you can get your tickets to attend the conference from December 7th to the 9th in Riyadh Jax District by heading to