Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Select 131: Mixed by Badreya Electroneya

The latest edition of SceneNoise’s long running mix series sees eclectic DJ, Badreya Electroneya, serves up a blend of post-industrial, bass-heavy escapism.

Ahmed Khalaf

For the 131st Episode of Select, Cairo-based Badreya Electroneya has served up a one-hour mix that features everything from hyper-pop and breakbeat, to techno and IDM, with tracks from the likes of AG Cook, Shy Girl, and Osheyack. 

“Category is: escapism,” Badreya told SceneNoise of the set. “A blend of post-industrial, bass-heavy club music, advanced sound design and hyperpop, allowing the listener to enter my meditation-induced hyper-reality.”

Citing Sophie and Arca as huge inspirations, Badreya’s love for music started at a young age, when they would spend hours on end perfecting playlists for friends. They also point to peculiar sounds like rubber or bubbles, which they often add through a synthesiser over tracks. Yes this is going to be every bit the “wild ethereal ride” Badreyah has promised. Check out the set.