Friday 2 of December, 2022
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Select 132: Mixed by Kareem Tarek

For the 132nd edition of the SceneNoise Select series, 27 year-old Cairo-based DJ, Kareem Tarek.

Scene Noise

Data analyst by day, DJ by night, 27 year-old Cairene, Kareem Tarek, is a travelled man. Having started spinning as a member of two-man band, YK Jelly, Tarek went on to secure residencies at several Cairo spots, initially playing groove and UK garage.

He really came into his own, however, when he started experimenting and his exclusive Select set for SceneNoise offers plenty of proof of that. “The set is about exploring space,” Tarek told SceneNoise of a mix that brings together acid, breakbeat, techno,  and many more weird and wonderful sounds.

“It’s about communication with extraterrestrials with music - like having a dialogue.” We were going to sit back and enjoy the set - but this is a voyage into a twisted abyss of music, one featuring tracks from the likes of Hearthug, Briki, Aloka, Hermeth and more. Sitting back and relaxing isn’t the thing to do.