Sunday June 4th, 2023
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Select 136: Mixed by Felonious Funk

In the latest edition of SceneNoise’s long-running mix series Select, Palestinian aficionado Felonious Funk gets her groove on for a one-hour mix.

Startup Scene

With a Palestinian ancestry, the US-born, London-and-Amman-raised, Brooklyn-based Felonious Funk is an embodiment of a ‘child of the world’.

Inspired by the life and times of American jazz icon, Thelonious Monk, Felonious Funk is a self-described musical soul who was never very good at colouring inside the lines. Alongside her curation for radio shows and funky getdowns, she’s also an international lawyer who does screenwriting on the side, telling SceneNoise that she is “serious about not taking things too seriously.”

Offering a blissful hour of disco, funk, soul, and jazz by the likes of Peter Brown, Purple Disco Machine, DJOKO, and a host more, we challenge you to remain still through Felonious Funk’s Select 136.