Tuesday June 25th, 2024
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Jun 25, 2024

Select 187: Mixed by Sannude

An hour-long set that just screams Deep House with tracks from veterans Franck Roger, Rhythm Plate and Dominic Martin, to name a few.

Scene Noise

 Select 187: Mixed by Sannude

This week’s Select is brought to us by Jeddah-based Lebanese DJ Sannude. The artist started off as a classical pianist and a synth player in an indie rock-synth pop band. As his love for music composition and production grew, he embarked on a musical journey, performing indie and funk tunes with his band or behind the DJ set.

DJ Sannude moved to Jeddah over a year ago and was inspired by the captivating deep house movement driven by local legends and upcoming artists alike. Combining his passion for house, funk, soul, and electronic music, Sannude is on a mission to deliver feel-good and “feel-bad” grooves on the dancefloor.

The spinner brings us a set which is unmistakably Deep House infused, featuring an older timeless sound. The set features tracks from sonic veterans like Franck Roger, Rhythm Plate, and Dominic Martin on seminal labels like Lost My Dog Records, Winding Road Records, and Hudd Traxx.

Some tracks that really put a kick in our boots include SKMK’s ‘What A Night’, Rhythm Plate’s ‘Every Kind of People with Any Kind of Soul’ and Franck Roger’s ‘Deep In’.