Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Sharmoofers Team Up with Sary Hany for New Track ‘Sauce El Macarona’

Almost three years after their collaborative track and video ‘Zamba’, Sharmoofers and Sary Hany deliver another hefty spoonful of quirk.

Scene Noise

Pasta sauce, martial arts and video games - yes it can only be Sharmoofers, Egypt’s ever quirky, fun-loving band. Almost three years on from collaborating with Sary Hany on ‘Zamba’, Ahmed Bahaa and Mo El Arkan have joined forces with Hany once more for another witty and utterly ridiculous new track and video, ‘Sauce El Macarona’.

Sharmoofers are, of course, well known for their eccentric music videos, endless pop culture references and their humorous lyrics - and there’s plenty of it in their latest offering.Opening up with a kid finding a mysterious game that lights up in bed, ‘Sauce El Macarona’ sets up a funny tale about a fusion of martial arts and what looks like some type of pasta sauce addiction. The kid then chooses different fighters, as he engages in combat through a video game throughout the events video.

Accompanied by a synth-pop melody, ‘Sauce El Macarona’ is exactly what you’d expect from a combination of Sharmoofers and Sary Hany.