Tuesday June 25th, 2024
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Jun 25, 2024

Shreet Cocktail | Feb 11 - 17

Featuring new Arabic songs and fresh releases from the MENA region, SceneNoise’s playlist ‘Shreet Cocktail’ highlights music across the pop, indie, alternative and electronic landscapes.

Maha ElNabawi

Shreet Cocktail | Feb 11 - 17

This week’s tracks cut across Valentine’s Day love song releases such as Ziad Zaza’s ‘Wrangler Beda’ and Bahjat’s ‘Ya Habibi Janbik’. But there’s more than love on this list, there’s also a fresh collaboration by Dina El Wedidi and Foaad, situated alongside Minos’ remix of Felukah’s ‘LMSF’, ‘Dini M3ak’ by kouz1, Douaa, and Lahyaoui, and more.

Listen to the full playlist here: