Monday December 11th, 2023
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Shreet Cocktail | Jan 14th - 20th

Shreet Cocktail is SceneNoise’s weekly playlist featuring new releases across the pop, indie, alternative and electronic music landscape from the MENA region.

Scene Noise

It’s been an exciting week in the regional music scene, with a list of fresh new releases dropping across different genres. This week we saw Egyptian Mahragant duo El Sawareekh return with an energetic sound, Dhafer Youssef embracing a jazz-inspired sonic palette, and Nour Khan & Abdalla Elabd delivering a gorgeous indie rock track.

On the more pop side of the list, Rita L'Oujdia dropped a fun and danceable release, Nordo and Didine Canon came together over an afro-beat instrumental, Kenzablanka and Flomine released a hyperactive track and stunning video, as Dj Bilal and Cheb Mami explored eastern-inspired melodies, while B-Element, Shqzu & Kali-B bought the funk back in their latest track reminiscent of the likes of Anderson Paak.

To listen to full list on Spotify, click the playlist link below: