Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Shreet Cocktail | June 10 - 15

This playlist features tracks by Amir Eid, Hello Psychaleppo and Nour Harakati.

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Shreet Cocktail | June 10 - 15

In this post-Eid edition of our Shreet Cocktail playlist, we present a curated selection of some of the finest releases from the MENA region across various genres. This playlist features tracks by Amir Eid, Hello Psychaleppo and Nour Harakati.

Hello Psychaleppo releases the first single from their long-awaited upcoming album 'Cipher'. The track, titled 'Marrat Batmanna', is a collaboration with Palestinian vocalist Yafa Bakri. The songstress delivers commanding and powerful vocal performances over predominantly electronic production, which utilizes muffled samples and sonic chops to create an atmospheric soundscape that perfectly complements Yafa's voice.

Also featured in the playlist is the latest collaboration between El Sawareekh, Begad, and 3ab3az in 'Far7et El Marg'. As usual, El Sawareekh brings their eclectic energy over the maharaganat backdrop, with Begad maintaining the vibe with a notable performance that enhances the track.

Additionally, we have the latest release from Ma-Beyn and Hoda Marwan titled 'Only the Earth Knows'. Sung entirely in English, this song is a contemplation of Palestine and reflects the artists' feelings towards the Palestinian cause, the West’s hypocritical perspective on Palestine, and their views on occupation and colonialism.

Hello Psychaleppo x Yafa Bakri - Marrat Batmanna

Hadi Birajakli - Mafi Hal

Amir Eid, Donia Wael & Galaleo - Arooh Le Fein

El Sawareekh - Far7et El Marg FT. 3ab3az & BegadOsama

Ma Beyn & Hoda Marwan - Only The Earth Knows

Hiya - Pedestal

Nour Harkati - Shams

RSlane - Caravan to Baghdad

NAYOO - This's One Take

Mohamed Al Tayeb - Without Guilt