Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | April 28 - May 5

Featuring new songs from the MENA region, ‘Shreet Cocktail’ highlights music across the pop, indie, alternative and electronic landscapes.

Scene Noise

Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | April 28 - May 5

Shreet Cocktail is SceneNoise’s weekly playlist highlighting alternative, electronic, pop and rock music from all over the MENA region. This week, we saw Lebanese Futuro-Arab act Gharam Electric deliver a stunning music video for ‘Koulou Banat’, as well as beloved Egyptian artist Jin’s latest single ‘Classified’. We were also treated to Saudi Arabian pop artist Mishaal Tamer’s latest release ‘Cigarette’, and Kuwaiti experimental jazz artist Taumour Khajah’s latest EP ‘Barren Land’, while Jordanian alt-rock trailblazer Yazan Rousan teamed up with Jordanian-Canadian label ‘Keife Records’ to re-release his seminal 2007 album ‘Telfizion’, marking it’s 16th anniversary.

Full tracklist:

  • Gharam Electric - Koulou Banat
  • Jin - Classified
  • Butternotes - Cheesecake
  • Mishaal Tamer - Cigarette
  • Maro - Lust Not Love
  • Féras Chatila - Masafat (Feat. Dina El Wedidi, Lella Fadda, Youssra El Hawary, Dé Von, Hadi Birajakli & Pink Seasalt)
  • Faraj Abyad- Damascus (Live at New York City Power Station Studios)
  • Taymour Khajah - Marimba Deity
  • Yazan Rousan - Eiyat Fil Matar (Re-release)

Listen to the playlist here: