Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | June 10 - 16

This week’s selection brings you a diverse list of tracks from the likes of Edyth, Hana Ghoneim, Nour Helou, and Bashar Mourad.

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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | June 10 - 16

This week’s edition of Shreet Cocktail boasts a long list of upbeat entries, as artists across the region have been releasing danceable tracks across pop, electronic and experimental music.

In the pop sphere, we hear from Palestinian artist Bashar Murad with his latest track ‘Ya Lel’, Nour Helou’s ‘Shou El Hal’, and Wolf Fang MIDI’s latest retro-pop release ‘You & Me’. We also hear from Goubi and Jo6a, who team up for a synth-wave inspired release with ‘3alam Gedeed’.

On the more experimental side of the playlist, we hear from beloved producers Assyouti with ‘Applied Pressure’, and Zuli with ‘Papercuts Pt 3’ from his latest live album ‘Digla Dive - Live’.

Meanwhile, artists like Edyth’s ‘Noid Ride’ and DJ Totti’s remix of Nagat Elsaghira’s ‘Bahlam M3ak’ add a flavour of hard-hitting electronic sonics to this week’s playlist.


  • Nordo - Ghariba
  • Edyth - Noid Ride
  • Hana Ghoneim X Andrew Mounir - 3alamat
  • Nour Helou - Shou El Hal
  • Bashar Murad - Ya Lel
  • Wolf Fang Midi - You And Me
  • Goubi X Jo6a - 3alam Gedeed
  • Assyouti - Applied Pressure
  • Shalabyy - Hay El Asher
  • Kasbah X Bab (Musique De Fête) Ft. Leïla Koumiya - Galbi
  • Dj Totti - Nagat Elsaghira - Bahlam M3ak (Remix)
  • Shalabyy - Taawiza
  • Zuli - Papercuts Pt3
  • Bahjat - Mia Mia
  • Nabo - Tazkaret Saffar
  • Affet Robot - At The End

Listen to the full playlist here: