Friday June 9th, 2023
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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | Mar 25 - 31

Featuring new Arabic songs and fresh releases from the MENA region, SceneNoise’s playlist ‘Shreet Cocktail’ highlights music across the pop, indie, alternative and electronic landscapes.

Scene Noise

This week’s list cuts across contemporary instrumental with Toufic Farroukh’s ‘I Have Been in Berlin’, alongside emotive singer-songwriters such as SeLTa’s ‘Ana B3eed’, Hawa Dafi’s ‘Ya Saket’, and Yosr with ‘Habibatoh’. Later we’ve got some brilliant electronic numbers with ABADIR’s latest, ‘Melting’, and another hit by Molotof in ‘Missed’ and a comeback from TootArd with ‘Wenak’.


  • SeLTa -  Ana b3eed
  • Hawa Dafi - Ya Saket
  • Yosr - Habibatoh
  • Achelous - Antalya
  • 3enba - Hamdella As Salama
  • artistbasm - complicated_5
  • Eljoee, CHAAMA - Saheb Shafaa
  • Bahjat - Ramadan Kareem
  • Raja Meziane - M.P.S
  • Molotof, Don Mosix - Missed
  • Muskila, Mustafa Al-Ba'lawi - Kasheesh Hamam
  • Zyos, Lege-Cy - Msh Da Elle Ekhtarto (Remix)
  • Toufic Farroukh - I have Been in Berlin
  • Tootard - Wenak
  • Blak80 - Said Mansor
  • Taymour Khajah - Freecutter
  • EON - Locked Up

Listen to the full playlist here: