Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Smokable Drops Surprise Track ‘Ma’ Hash’ with Rapper Emsallam

Emsallam offers up yet another showcase of his impeccable rap skill in a collaboration with producer Smokable, that was left on the shelf for some time.

Scene Noise

Palestinian-Jordanian rapper, actor and artist, Emsallam, is persistently tackling taboo subjects, attempting to crack the sheen of what he sees as an oppressively conservative society.

Hot on the heels of his recently released EP, Therapy, which takes you on his journey before, during and after therapy, Emsallam is back with another release that took the rapper himself by surprise. ‘Ma’ Hash’ is the result of a prior collaboration with producer Smokable - one that was recorded some time ago.Switching between catchy bars and more sung, harmonious choruses, the track may not be the strongest Emsallam track to be unleashed on the world, but showcases why he’s thought of by so many as one of the most intriguing rappers to come out of MENA.