Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Somnii’s OT SYGMA Released New Music Video ‘PYTHON’

The young rapper takes a gritty change in direction between ‘DM’ and ‘PYTHON’.

Ahmed Khalaf

Young rapper OT SYGMA is no stranger to the MENA music scene. Since his career began in 2020, the artist has released  a couple of singles and a handful of collaborations under Moroccan music label/collective Somnii, which includes the likes of Moroccan rappers Amyn and Daxin alongside in-house producer A.Boi. SYGMA approached the label nearly two years ago in hopes of joining the collelctive by sending demos, and he’s been a part of the Somnii family ever since.

OT SYGMA recently released his latest music video ‘PYTHON’ under Somnii production in collaboration with Muziflow. The rapper’s rugged voice and pliant flow gives him a peculiar identity within the Moroccan scene. While his previous release ‘DM’ showed a relatively brighter tone to his music, ‘PYTHON’ takes a darker, more deranged direction; with SYGMA going deeper with his voice and A.Boi providing an otherworldly 808-clustered instrumental. Visually, the video portrays SYGMA as a menacing character, showing clips of violence, SYGMA in a grim stance, and a man in a mask.

Watch the video below.