Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Sound of Noize Founder Essperx Releases New Track ‘Escape’

Essperx flexes his production and sound engineering chops in a new release that holds a marked difference to other Sound of Noize releases, but maintain’s the labels experimentalist nature.

Scene Noise

Prolific in their releases, steadfast in their aim, experimental Egyptian label, Sound of Noize, has dropped another track seemingly conceived in the darkest back-alleys of the musical spectrum, this time from label founder, Essperx.

The last time we saw Essperx on the pages of SceneNoise, was as part of a collaborative effort with newcomer Kayaljd in ‘The Five Adventurers’ - a unique piece of music that played around with glee with a trap beat.

For his latest release, ‘Escape’, Essperx heads to some kind of bouncy, occultist post-club dancefloor, a skittish beat and sampled Arabic vocals twisted and skewed from their original state coming together to form a distant, alien sound.While it may not be the most expansive and hard-hitting of Sound of Noize releases, it does mark a welcome return for Espperx, who has shown that he has something to bring to the table amongst the label’s many releases.