Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Sudan’s AKA Keyz Speaks His Mind Out In New Single ‘My Girl’

Previously flexing his production expertise in '2.0', 'My Girl' is actually the first self-produced song Keyz has made.

Ahmed Khalaf

Having established himself as a conscious rapper and a savvy lyricist, AKA Keyz is one of those rappers you lose track of time listening to. His commanding voice, affectionate rhymes, and vital subject matter makes him one of the leading rappers in the region. Following his ‘2.0’ release, Keyz is back with another solo single in ‘My Girl’, a blessing to his fans given his tendency to hibernate ever so often.

Keyz initially garnered attention from his endeavors with Sudanese supergroup The C!rcle, along with Aidyproof, G-Salih, Eaz Da Bully, and former member Nadine El-Roubi. His fatidic ear finds solace in jazzy boom-bap instrumentals sso you can feel his sentiment portrayed through his lyrics and beat selections, while sometimes he prefers producing for himself. His latest release, ‘My Girl’, marks his first ever beat-making journey for himself, and he did not disappoint.

He makes the use of a tropical guitar riff as the base of the single alongside his signature drum programming; a unique combination of boop-bap kick and snare with trap-y hi-hats. Keyz embarks on a previous situationship of his, remarking that he cannot be in a relationship at the moment given his focus on his music and that most dating experiences are “sticky and uncertain.” He continues by expressing how over-occupied we are in today’s fast-paced world; everyone has too much on their plate and that makes modern-day relationships hard to keep and attain.

Keyz flaunts his rounded music talent on ‘My Girl’, providing his lyricist and production prowess, which you can check out below.