Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Sudanese Artist BBN Booda's 'Pablo' featured in Egyptian Ramadan Show

This Ramadan especially has seen many series including many rappers’ tracks and some cameo in the show.

Ahmed Khalaf

Egyptian Ramadan series have been joining the rap wave in the Middle East by making use of various tracks in this year’s shows. We’ve seen Abo El Anwar in advertisements, Shahyn making the official song for ‘Meen 2al’ show, and now most recently we’ve seen Sudanese rapper, BBN Booda’s massive hit ‘Pablo’ being used in an Egyptian Ramadan show of the same name, ‘Pablo’.

Booda’s tune was released over a year ago, garnering a whopping seven million views, his biggest milestone to date. In the video, Boodaa takes on the personality of the don, sitting around huge stacks of dollars with armored guards surrounding him, an ode to notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar. On the other hand, Egyptian star, Hassan Al-Raddad’s ‘Pablo’ series revolve around human trafficking and organ trade, not relating to Escobar’s line of work, but matching its aggression and notoriety.

Check out BBN Booda’s ‘Pablo’ below.