Monday September 25th, 2023
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Sudanese Rapper Beykay Drops Newest Single ‘HEIGHTS’

The Dubai born-and-bred rapper continues to reach for new heights and delivers a catchy, anthemic new single that sees him seamlessly switch between Arabic and English.

Scene Noise

Serving to shine a light on a growing rap scene in Dubai, Beykay is back with new single, ‘HEIGHTS’, and an official video to boot.

Born-and-bred in Dubai, 25-year old Beykay (pronounced Bee-Kay) is of Sudanese heritage and already has a handful of singles and freestyles under his belt. Produced by Junior Beatzz, the track has anthemic feel to it and the beat a marching drum quality. It provides a fitting backdrop for Beykay melodic flow, as he as he seamlessly skips between Arabic and English throughout the track.

Produced by Beykay and directed by Luis Grolez, the video is essentially all about the performance and Beykay certainly has no issues around a camera. It's simple, but does what it needs to do, though a surprise furry guest does nearly steal the show...